September, 2012


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Jada Fire Reality Kings

The Gorgeous Jada Fire on Reality Kings!

How can anyone talking about Ebony adult actresses and not acknowledgment JadaFire? She is one of the kinkiest Ebony adult porn stars in the biz. Jada Fire started her career in the adult industry in the late 1990s and instantly became a huge success. On the day of February 2, 2012, she made the announcement that she was leaving the adult business.  Yep, it’s true. The 35 year old porn star advised of her retirement via Twitter tweeting, “The day has finally come- I’m officially retired from porn.”

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The good news is that all of her insanely freaky adult movies will still live on in the porn industry. You can still look at all of the adult films through as she has performed on In The VIP, Extreme Naturals and Flower Tucci. This chick has an incredible pair of huge natural tits and a juicy bootay that will make any dude weak in the knees. Jada Fire has also managed to win many awards from AVN Award over many years.


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